I have been working with Joe Robinson as a health coach and unequivocally recommend him. Joe has vast knowledge on a wide range of health issues and has the kind of relaxed but insightful approach that really put me at ease during our first meeting. Joe really listened to my history and my goals, related to my concerns and reservations, then formulated a plan which he thought would work best for me . Basically, I need to lose weight and follow a more balanced and healthy lifestyle and, before I consulted with Joe, I tried a lot of different strategies and methods but found it very hard to get substantial or permanent results. Joe didn’t offer a one-size-fits-all strategy but carefully tailored a plan for me, based on the latest science and taking into account my feedback. Joe has devised a strategy that works extremely well for me and is getting major results! But just as important, I can tell Joe is passionate about my health. His constant support buoys my confidence and provides the accountability I need to get in amazing shape! Bottomline, it can be hard to tackle health issues alone and with Joe I feel like I have an advisor and teammate. I couldn’t be happier – whatever your health needs, I’m sure Joe can help you too.

Guy Holmes

Novelist & Screenwriter