I’ve done life coaching once before and found it helpful to create traction in my life. I came to a place in early 2013 where I again wanted some outside perspective and took on Joe Robinson as my coach. Having done this before to good success, I thought I knew what to expect. Working with Joe has been a profound experience. Profound. Through our sessions I’ve uncovered my true essense, the deepest, most elemental part of myself that I’ve known existed and that I presumed was guiding my decisions previously. After three months, I’ve shifted my thoughts, my reactions and my perception of who I am. I am an empowered, intelligent, compassionate, successful, beautiful person that was buried under layers that Joe helped me recognize and resolve so that I could grow stronger. I feel and think in limitless terms now. The phone sessions were incredibly helpful – I thought that face-to-face would more powerful, but I found by talking without having to look at anyone that I’m much more able to be truly honest, releasing facades that I’ve carried for years. Realized potential is an abstract thought until it becomes integrated in to your being. It’s a gift I didn’t know I needed and am now living!